Android based automatic printing for WooCommerce


Automatic printing of WordPress / WooCommerce order details is a must for online stores that have a physical location such as Restaurants and Bars. The automatic order printing is a feature that eases the personell at the restaurant / bar and makes it possible for rapid order management and processing.

When talking about Restaurants , the automatic printing system is usually installed in the kitchen, where the cooks directly receive the order receipts , and thus the processing time is significantly reduced. The printed receipts are also used for the delivery as they contain, shipping / delivery details in most cases.

Cloudy is Android based thermal receipt printing system, designed for Print Instant Notifications Plugin for WooCommerce. It features Automatic WooCommerce order printing, wireless (WiFi) and 3G/4G cellular network connection to the Internet Router at the site (The Restaurant or Bar), easy installation and minimal configuration.

How it Works?

Cloudy automatically checks for new orders placed via your WordPress / WooCommerce online store, if a new order is received, the order details will be automatically sent to Cloudy and printed on a receipt for further processing. The Thermal Printing System, together with the Woo Instant Notifications Plugin is very useful for order management and processing in restaurants, bars and cafes. The online order gets printed automatically, allowing the personnel to process it immediately and prepare it for the customer for delivery or local pickup. In terms of configuration, Cloudy just need to be connected to the internet via WiFi, then its ready for printing, thanks to the built-in unique Cloud based email address that comes with each device.

Cloudy is also compatible with Shopify and it can be used to automatically print Shopify orders.

The printing system will be available for purchase by the end of March 2022 via Hardware Group Ltd. online store

Automatic order printing for Shopify

When it comes to online stores, one of the names that pop up right away is Shopify, who are offering great possibilities for starting an online store.They have a quite intuitive dashboard which gives you a decent control over your online store.

Some businesses need the option to automatically print the order details once the order is placed. This improves order management, order processing and the delivery. This feature is a must for food and restaurant businesses as in many cases the orders must be prepared and shipped or picked up rapidly.

A typical example is a restaurant , where the orders are prepared in the kitchen and having the possibility to print the order automatically directly in the kitchen not only speeds up the order management process but it also eases the personnel responsible for preparing and dispatching the order.

How it Works?

With Shopify you have the option to send “new order” notifications to the email address that you have configured when you registered your online store. You also have the ability to add additional recipients of the “new order” notification and that is not by chance.

Our range of Cloud network thermal receipt printers such as the WooPrinter WiFi NG and WooPrintet Lan, have their own cloud based email addresses. The printers connect to the Internet via WiFi or Lan / Wired connection to you router. The printers constantly monitor their unique Cloud email addresses for new messages and once a new order is received they print. Shopify will send an email with the order details for automatic printing to the wooprinter unique Cloud based email address by using a secure cloud based email server ( see the animation below).

WooPrinter automatic order printing for Shopify – connection diagram.

In order to use WooPrinter with Shopify, you just need to download (and add as a template in your store) our “new order” notification template ( which is free and with special layout designed for thermal receipt printers), add it to your online store and set the unique Cloud based email address of the WooPrinter in Shopify.

Once a new order is received an email with the order details will be sent to the WooPrinter and the receipt will be printed automatically.

You have the freedom to modify the “new order” template to fit for your purpose, by using the available shortcodes that Shopify provides adding custom text or any other symbol separation lines etc.

The above customization capabilities will allow you to design a custom professionally looking receipts that can also carry your brand by adding a logo on each receipt.

Last but not least you can add a custom logo to appear on top of each receipt. This feature is supported in our range of network thermal receipt printers


Purchase WooPrinter:

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Woo Instant Notifications PRO v2.7 is released

We are happy to announce that version 2.7 of Woo Instant Notifications PRO – a plugin for WordPress / WooCommerce that would allow you to automatically print custom order receipts via Thermal Receipt Printers

New in version 2.7

  • Support for Tyche software Delivery Date
  • Support for Coderockz Delivery Date Time Plugin
  • Fix order metadata from any external plugin for woocommerce  (Allows you to add additional information to the receipt parsed by external woocommerce plugins e.g for delivery date / time etc.)
  • Bugfixes


If you are already a member you can download the latest version of Woo Instant Notifications PRO from the Link below:

You can become a member by visting the link below:

SPDIF HAT for NanoPi Neo

Spdif HAT for NanoPi Neo
Spdif HAT for NanoPi Neo

Last Month, we had the chance to work on several audio projects, based on the tiny NanoPi NEO SBC from FriendlyArm, which features 256/512MB RAM AllWinner H3 Quad core CPU and it is supported in Buldroot and Linux Kernel version 4.14.

For one of the projects that we used to work on , we had to increase the maximum sampling rate of the SPDIF interface of the NanoPi Neo / H3 , to support higher Sampling rates – above 48KHz ( which was the maximum sampling rate in the SPDIF Kernel driver for H3 in Linux Kernel 4.14 ) and to implement AirPlay (via ShairPort-Sync) and DLNA ( via upmpd-cli ) Media Renderer on the NanoPI, using the SPDIF audio interface as audio output, turning the NanoPi NEO into a Hi-Res Network Audio Media Renderer

We have patched the driver to support higher sampling rates of up to 768KHz , 24bits and we have designed a HAT ( NanoHat-SPDIF – Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware addon board for NanoPi NEO / NEO2) in order to prove the concept and to publish the technical solution in our GitHub repository

In addition, we have provided the schematics, buildroot source code and sdcard images for other people to try the solution or if they develop similar Hi-Res Audio Products to ease their work and give them a starting point.

In addition to the above we have provided also an Eagle footprint for NanoPi NEO / NEO 2 hats (in the above GitHub repository) . In case some of you develop a custom addon boards for NanoPi NEO / NEO2 the above should help you and speed up your design.

The NanoPi NEO SPDIF HAT is available for purchase from the links below:

You can read more about the NanoPi NEO / NEO2 Eagle FootPrint, by following the link below:

Stackable Pin Headers and Eagle Library for NanoPi NEO/NEO2

NanoPi NEO / NEO2 Stackable headers with extra spacers

You are developing a custom HAT / Addon board for the NanoPI NEO / NEO2 Series of embedded SBCs?

Hardware Group Ltd offers Stackable Pin Headers with extra spacers, sutable for the NanoPi NEO / NEO2 series of embedded development boards from FriendlyArm. These pin headers will allow you to design Hats for NanoPi NEO / NEO2 for direct panel mount (due to the extra spacers which will lift the HAT above the USB / LAN connectors, thus allowing direct panel mount – > see example)

We found that there are no footprint Eagle Libraries for the NanoPI NEO / NEO2 series of embedded SBCs, which could allow hardware developers to design custom addon boards / HATs for the above SBCs. As a consequence and due to our need to develop a custom addon board for the NanoPI NEO / NEO2, we have designed a open source hardware library ( template for NanoPi NEO HATs) which we believe will help a lot of hardware designers with their projects.

Below is image of the NanoPi-SPDIF – SPDIF for NanoPi NEO / NEO2, developed with the Irdroid’s NanoPi-NEO HAT Template for Eagle


Below is a link to our github repository with a Eagle Library for NanoPi Neo / NEO2 (Template for NanoPi Neo / NEO2 Hats)

Irdroid’s GitHub Repo (Template for NanoPi NEO / NEO2 HATs)

Below you can purchase NanoPi NEO / NEO2 Stackable headers directly from us (EU & US Stock) . Minimum order quantity is 5 sets (needed for 5 NanoPi HATs)

Select a set

We ship worldwide via Registered Airmail for $4.99 with a tracking number included.


We would like to thank all of you, our Clients that support us and also thank to Bulgarian Government for providing help following the situation with COVID-19. We are a beneficiary for a EU Grant in attempt to help companies to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 Outbreak.