Automatic order printing for Shopify

When it comes to online stores, one of the names that pop up right away is Shopify, who are offering great possibilities for starting an online store.They have a quite intuitive dashboard which gives you a decent control over your online store.

Some businesses need the option to automatically print the order details once the order is placed. This improves order management, order processing and the delivery. This feature is a must for food and restaurant businesses as in many cases the orders must be prepared and shipped or picked up rapidly.

A typical example is a restaurant , where the orders are prepared in the kitchen and having the possibility to print the order automatically directly in the kitchen not only speeds up the order management process but it also eases the personnel responsible for preparing and dispatching the order.

How it Works?

With Shopify you have the option to send “new order” notifications to the email address that you have configured when you registered your online store. You also have the ability to add additional recipients of the “new order” notification and that is not by chance.

Our range of Cloud network thermal receipt printers such as the WooPrinter WiFi NG and WooPrintet Lan, have their own cloud based email addresses. The printers connect to the Internet via WiFi or Lan / Wired connection to you router. The printers constantly monitor their unique Cloud email addresses for new messages and once a new order is received they print. Shopify will send an email with the order details for automatic printing to the wooprinter unique Cloud based email address by using a secure cloud based email server ( see the animation below).

WooPrinter automatic order printing for Shopify – connection diagram.

In order to use WooPrinter with Shopify, you just need to download (and add as a template in your store) our “new order” notification template ( which is free and with special layout designed for thermal receipt printers), add it to your online store and set the unique Cloud based email address of the WooPrinter in Shopify.

Once a new order is received an email with the order details will be sent to the WooPrinter and the receipt will be printed automatically.

You have the freedom to modify the “new order” template to fit for your purpose, by using the available shortcodes that Shopify provides adding custom text or any other symbol separation lines etc.

The above customization capabilities will allow you to design a custom professionally looking receipts that can also carry your brand by adding a logo on each receipt.

Last but not least you can add a custom logo to appear on top of each receipt. This feature is supported in our range of network thermal receipt printers


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