Hardware Group Ltd is a Fabless embedded product design and development company, specialized in embedded hardware and software development, We offer turnkey hardware and software development services, starting from conceptual design, prototyping, embedded firmware development and product manufacturing.

Hardware Development:

Design of electronic devices for industrial or consumer applications, based on existing or new specifications. Our Portfolio includes custom product Design, Development and Prototyping with Microcontrollers (AVR,PIC, MSP430), Embedded Linux Architectures (MIPS, MIPSEL, ARM,x86,POWERPC)

Software Development:

Embedded firmware development for integration with the custom developed hardware. Experience with C/C++, Java, Embedded C.


Woo Instant Notifications PRO v2.7 is released

We are happy to announce that version 2.7 of Woo Instant Notifications PRO – a plugin for WordPress / WooCommerce that would allow you to automatically print custom order receipts via Thermal Receipt Printers New in version 2.7 Support for Tyche software Delivery Date Support for Coderockz Delivery Date Time Plugin Fix order metadata from any …

Stackable Pin Headers and Eagle Library for NanoPi NEO/NEO2

You are developing a custom HAT / Addon board for the NanoPI NEO / NEO2 Series of embedded SBCs? Hardware Group Ltd offers Stackable Pin Headers with extra spacers, sutable for the NanoPi NEO / NEO2 series of embedded development boards from FriendlyArm. These pin headers will allow you to design Hats for NanoPi NEO …