Hardware Group Ltd is a Fabless embedded product design and development company, specialized in embedded hardware and software development, We offer turnkey hardware and software development services, starting from conceptual design, prototyping, embedded firmware development and product manufacturing.

Hardware Development:

Design of electronic devices for industrial or consumer applications, based on existing or new specifications. Our Portfolio includes custom product Design, Development and Prototyping with Microcontrollers (AVR,PIC, MSP430), Embedded Linux Architectures (MIPS, MIPSEL, ARM,x86,POWERPC)

Software Development:

Embedded firmware development for integration with the custom developed hardware. Experience with C/C++, Java, Embedded C.


Android based automatic printing for WooCommerce

Introduction Automatic printing of WordPress / WooCommerce order details is a must for online stores that have a physical location such as Restaurants and Bars. The automatic order printing is a feature that eases the personell at the restaurant / bar and makes it possible for rapid order management and processing. When talking about Restaurants …