WooPrinter LAN


WooPrinter LAN is a wired (RJ45) network thermal receipt printer specially designed for Woo Instant Notifications Plugin for WooCommerce. It features automatic WooCommerce order printing, wired network connection to the Restaurant/Bar/Coffee shop Internet Router, easy installation, minimal configuration.



WooPrinter LAN automatically checks for new orders placed via your WordPress / WooCommerce online store, if a new order is placed, the order details will be automatically printed on a receipt for further processing. The printer, together with the Woo Instant Notifications plugin is very useful for order management and processing in restaurants / bars and cafes as the online order gets printed automatically allowing the personnel to process it immediately and prepare it for the customer for delivery or local pick-up. In addition to the above the WooPrinter LAN is a standalone system, it does not require a connection to a computer which makes it very useful for restaurants, where several printers need to be installed for example in the Kitchen, at the Bar etc.


  • Wired / LAN / RJ45 network connection to the client’s router
  • Ultra easy installation
  • Just connect it via LAN cable to the router and power it up. No settings are required
  • Enter WooPrinter Lan email in the plugin and it will start printing orders automatically
  • Storage for bigger paper rolls / suitable for sites with big amount of orders.
  • Standard 57mm thermal paper rolls (5cm in diameter) available in any Country
  • EU,UK and US power adapters available
  • Free license for Woo Instant Notifications Pro
  • Supports Automatic Order Printing for Shopify

Server type:

You can choose from Normal or Backed up server type. If you choose normal server type, the WooPrinter connects to our Normal notifications delivery server and the notification messages are delivered from that server. The backed up server option  provides better availability in case the main notifications delivery server fails for some reaseon the backed up server will handle immediatly notifications delivery without any interruptions. The backed up server type is a annual service and includes the backed up service as well as rapid online support.

Package Contents:

  • WooPrinter LAN unit – 1pcs
  • Power Supply cord – 1pcs
  • Instruction Manual in English – 1pcs
  • Power Supply Adapter EU/UK/US (please specify during checkout)

Support & Warranty

  • We offer free installation and configuration support
  • Long term free maintenance
  • Warranty (1 Year)


Additional Information:

We ship from Europe via Expedited shipping ( DPD or DHL ) . All packages are shipped within 1 Day after the order is placed. If you are a EU VAT registered Company, please provide your EU VAT number via email and place your order via email to sysadmin@hwgroup-bg.com. All our products are with 2-Year Warranty. By purchasing WooPrinter LAN you get free future updates for Woo Instant Notifications PRO and free online installation and configuration support!

Product Video

Additional information

Server type

Normal(+0 EUR), Backed up(+42 EUR)