Hardware Group Bulgaria – Introduction

Hardware Group Bulgaria is a IT Product Design and Development Group , based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We offer turnkey Product Design and Development services. If you are looking for a company to outsource your IT Product Development , Hardware Group Bulgaria is the most efficient and fast partner to design, and build your next hardware project. We offer wide variety of services, starting from defining the product concept, Design, Prototyping and Manufacture. We do not have a minimum order quantities, no hidden PCB manufacture fees, no setup fees.

Fields of expertese (Hardware Development):

  • Wireless communications Bluetooth , WIFI, RF
  • Home & Industrial Automation
  • Infrared Applications
  • AVR, PIC , ARM Microcontrollers
  • PCB Design and Prototyping

Fields of expertese ( Software Development)

  • Microcontroller Software Development (C / Assembler)
  • Android SDK & NDK Application Design and Programming
  • Database Design Mysql & SQLITE
  • PHP / PERL Design and Programming


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