Stackable Pin Headers and Eagle Library for NanoPi NEO/NEO2

NanoPi NEO / NEO2 Stackable headers with extra spacers

You are developing a custom HAT / Addon board for the NanoPI NEO / NEO2 Series of embedded SBCs?

Hardware Group Ltd offers Stackable Pin Headers with extra spacers, sutable for the NanoPi NEO / NEO2 series of embedded development boards from FriendlyArm. These pin headers will allow you to design Hats for NanoPi NEO / NEO2 for direct panel mount (due to the extra spacers which will lift the HAT above the USB / LAN connectors, thus allowing direct panel mount – > see example)

We found that there are no footprint Eagle Libraries for the NanoPI NEO / NEO2 series of embedded SBCs, which could allow hardware developers to design custom addon boards / HATs for the above SBCs. As a consequence and due to our need to develop a custom addon board for the NanoPI NEO / NEO2, we have designed a open source hardware library ( template for NanoPi NEO HATs) which we believe will help a lot of hardware designers with their projects.

Below is image of the NanoPi-SPDIF – SPDIF for NanoPi NEO / NEO2, developed with the Irdroid’s NanoPi-NEO HAT Template for Eagle


Below is a link to our github repository with a Eagle Library for NanoPi Neo / NEO2 (Template for NanoPi Neo / NEO2 Hats)

Irdroid’s GitHub Repo (Template for NanoPi NEO / NEO2 HATs)

Below you can purchase NanoPi NEO / NEO2 Stackable headers directly from us (EU & US Stock) . Minimum order quantity is 5 sets (needed for 5 NanoPi HATs)

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