Wi-Fi module Dev board with HTML5 WebSocket

Serial to WIFI websocket Bridge

The Wi-Fi module Dev board with HTML5 WebSocket will allow you to control hardware with web browser on any device via Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi module Dev board features:

  • Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • 5V DC power supply (micro USB)
  • Li-Po – 1800mAh battery
  • Ethernet Port
  • On board PCB antenna
  • USB Interface
  • UART Interface (for communicating with embedded devices)
  • micro USB  cable for charging
  • USB Flash drive for HTML5 WebSocket page storage
  • Wi-Fi module AP and Client mode and AdHoc

The Wi-Fi module Dev board implements HTML5 WebSocket Server standard with  bi-directional communication between web browser and the Wi-Fi module Dev board. The Wi-Fi module Dev board with HTML5 WebSocket is compatible with all web browsers (Chrome, Safari,Firefox, Opera and IE). By using the Wi-Fi module Dev board, you have a complete control of the hardware via JavaScript

The Wi-Fi module Dev board implements a serial (UART) to WebSocket Proxy, which proxies all the serial data that comes from the module serial port to your web browser. The serial WebSocket proxy is bidirectional.

Wi-Fi module Dev board software features

  • Linux Kernel 3.10
  • Web Network configuration interface
  • Application that proxies Serial data (from the UART) to WebSocket
  • Web Server for serving the WebSocket HTML5 and JS files  (Stored on USB Flash Drive to ease the Development)
  • Configurable UART Baud rates via console (Telnet ) commands

Web Server:

The Wi-Fi module Dev board Web Server  is configured to serve webpages from the USB Flash Drive that comes with the board. In this way the Developer can simply plug in the flash drive into a computer, and easily edit and save the HTML5 / Javascript to the flash drive and then replug it into the Wi-Fi module Dev board.

The Web Server also serves network and system configuration web pages , which allow the Developer /User to change network and system settings.

Wi-Fi module block Diagram:

Block Diagram Wifi Websocket DEV board
Block Diagram Wifi Websocket DEV board

Wi-Fi module Dev board Demo page:



Purchase a Sample / Price $50

The modules are shipped via Registered Airmail for a fixed price of $6 . We ship Worldwide and we provide a tracking number for all our shippments. The modules are proffesionally packed and secured.

RT5350 WIFI Development Board

RT5350 development board

We have negotiated and agreed to start a custom design of  RT5350 WIFI Development Board for our client from Australia. The Board will include RT5350 SoC, 32MB  SDRAM , USB Port, Ethernet Port/s and all the GPIOs will be terminated on pinheaders. The board will have two option for the antennas – on board chip antenna as well as possibility to connect external antenna. The custom RT5350 WIFI Development Board will be based on a FR4 dual layer (top and bottom)  with line width of 20mils and line gap of 5mils.

If you are looking for  a custom PCB Design / Development service , please Contact us