WooCommerce Automatic Order Printing

In this Blog post we will share our experience with the possibility to print automatically order receipts, packing slips and additional custom order data.

We have several online web shops where we sell different hand crafted products, manufactured by us. With the time we needed a way to improve our order management process with the possibility to print each new order automatically with order details, shipping address and in addition a packing slip. To save time and money we have decided to develop our own plugin to allow us to print this data on a receipt printer as printing each order on A4 paper is a bit expensive in terms of paper , ink etc and definitely not environmental friendly.

We have made a plugin that sends formatted plain text emails specially formatted for print with 58mm Thermal Receipt printers. These emails are triggered based on the order status change (for example when a customer makes new order the status changes from pending to processing and a new email with the order data is sent to the email address configured in the plugin). On the receiving side a Mozilla Thunderbird client with a auto-print addon and filters that will detect a specific keyword and automatically send the email for printing to the thermal printer is used, thus printing each order on a thermal printer paper.

The Plugin is lives at and it can be downloaded for free.

The plugin has several templates for printing order notifications and packing slips. It also has the possibility to make custom order notifications using shortcodes in the plugin’s configuration.

The Plugin is Open Source Software and its code lives @

Below is a video demo:

A compatible wireless standalone printer (that does not require connection to a computer) can be purchased from

Woo Instant Notifications Pro

What is included in the Pro Version

  • More shortcodes for use with the Plugin Templates
    • Shortocodes for Woo Local Pickup Plus (suitable for restaraunts and coffee shops with more than one physical location. Purchase is made via the merchant online shop and the customer chooses at which location the products will be picked locally)
    • Shortcode for WooCommerce order Shipping address field #2
  • Possibility to print Company logo on every printed receipt
  • Ability to choose wheter to send the receipt to the customer via email as well as to the shop administrator & the receipt printer
  • Guide for printing automatically more than one copy of the receipt to the thermal printer (in some businesses two copies of the receipt is needed – one for the kitchen personnel and one for the delivery / preparation personnel)
  • Guide for using a standard LaserJet printer for automatically printing the receipts on A5 or A6 small paper sizes.
  • Video tutorials for Software Setup
  • Installation Support via phone or email

Woo Instant Notifications User’s Manual

Go Pro -> Woo Instant Notifications Pro

You own a Restaurant, Cafe or Bar affected by COVID-19? Read the article below for offering your clients contact-less (NFC Technology) Digital menu’s

Infrared Range Extenders

Recently we have invested in development of our new range of products for extending infrared range check the block post below for the possibilities:



Irdroid irDA Products

Last month we were working on our new irDA product range, that fills the GAP for irDA communication on modern systems. A USB irDA module that works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android, MAC OS X, Linux. A irDA HAT for Raspberry Pi. A irDA Shield for Arduino and a irDA prototyping board.  You can read more HERE



Roon integration, embedded hardware and software development

Hardware Group Ltd. offers embedded hardware and software development integration services for  audio products that need support for Roon Audio Streaming. We offer embedded ARM modules and firmware for drop-in integration with your audio products:

– ARM based modules with custom Linux based distributions

– Complete integration and interfacing with client’s Audio Products.

– Integration with communication and audio transport interfaces ( I2C, I2S , UART etc).

– Custom hardware design

– Sample ARM modules, pre-configured with Roon and available for purchase.

Information and samples can be requested via email to

How we have started

Hardware Group Ltd is a innovative and successful company, bootstrapped following the success of the Irdroid Open Source Hardware / Software project .Irdroid started as a Hobby Project, founded by Georgi Bakalski back in 2011. In 2014 the Hobby project transformed into a Innovative and Successful Company (Hardware Group Ltd.) . During the years we have developed devices, services and software for GNU Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X, Arduino and more. We believe that learning by sharing is a key for the progress.

Today Irdroid is a registered trademark of Hardware Group Ltd Bulgaria and it provides open source hardware and open source software devices and software development services for Google Android, GNU Linux , Windows and Mac OS X . Our Devices and services help hundreds of individuals, StartUp Companies and Big Companies around the world to bootstrap their new products and ideas, taking advantage of the Open Source benefits.

You can browse our products below:


 Our Portfolio:


Contact us:

Address: 4, Balkan street, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 890 325649


Discover how to use the Irdroid USB IR Transceiver with the Raspberry Pi

There is a very useful Blog post @ the Irdroid Blog, showing how to turn the Raspberry Pi that lays in your drawer into a fully functional infrared remote control, using the Irdroid USB Infrared Transceiver to Blast the Infrared Signals, generated by the Open Source Software – LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control). Furthermore, if you are a Raspberry Pi owner you get a 20% off the order total ,by using the coupon code “raspberry” during checkout. Click on the Link below to purchase:

….And a video of the result:

Using barcode scanners for processing and shipping online orders, or how to make your life easier.

playstore_speedata_kt40-syBack in 2013 our online orders from our website increased and we had to find a way to manage all these orders and the order process, including delivery confirmation automated email submittal and user notification. Before we made the automated system we were doing everything from shipping to delivery notification by hand,which gives a lot of errors when a human is involved in the process. Our experience shown that if the user is not aware of his order status he is starting to get really nervous and of course we are drawned with questions via email.

We have decided to automate the user shipping notification process by making a simple script that takes the order data from PayPal (via instant payment notification) and generates automatically two shipping labels for the order of a size (38x90mm / the size can be configured in the script) – the first one with the user address, the second one with our return address and a QR code with the user email coded in. The labels are automatically saved in a protected directory directly on the web server in a PDF file. Later our shipper downloads this file and prints it via our embedded label printer (We use Brother QL560 thermal label printer) . When he prepares the customer package he sticks the two labels, together with a customs declaration on the envelope and prepares for shipping to the postal service.

Now that we have the above labels we are ready to ship via postal service. Normally when you ship a small packet via the postal service you get also a tracking number, that the guys from the posts stick on the packet. We have the tracking number coded on a barcode and the user email coded on the QR code on the shipping labels , we only needed to make a simple application that will scan the two codes and it will send the information to our server and it will notify the user with a nice automatic message that will include the tracking information from the barcode. We are using the ShippmentPal App on a KT40-SY (see the image on the left) Industrial grade laser barcode scanner.  We have created the apllication called ShippmentPal, which is available for free download from google play. The application allows the user to configure a reporting URL and also advanced barcode scanning features. We have also made the script which takes care for shipping  label generation and for user notification. This script is also available , we charge a small amount for it ~ 25 USD.

What remained (a personal choise) is to get yourself a nice industrial Android barcode scanner device like the one one the images , relax and open a beer as using the the above delivery notification, will save you a lot of pain in the neck! 🙂

Hardware We used:

  • For printing labels : Brother QL560 thermal label printer
  • Labela Roll DK-11208 (38mmx90mm)
  • KT40-SY Industrial Android barcode scanner / can use any smartphone



Wi-Fi module Dev board with HTML5 WebSocket

The Wi-Fi module Dev board with HTML5 WebSocket will allow you to control hardware with web browser on any device via Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi module Dev board features:

  • Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • 5V DC power supply (micro USB)
  • Li-Po – 1800mAh battery
  • Ethernet Port
  • On board PCB antenna
  • USB Interface
  • UART Interface (for communicating with embedded devices)
  • micro USB  cable for charging
  • USB Flash drive for HTML5 WebSocket page storage
  • Wi-Fi module AP and Client mode and AdHoc

The Wi-Fi module Dev board implements HTML5 WebSocket Server standard with  bi-directional communication between web browser and the Wi-Fi module Dev board. The Wi-Fi module Dev board with HTML5 WebSocket is compatible with all web browsers (Chrome, Safari,Firefox, Opera and IE). By using the Wi-Fi module Dev board, you have a complete control of the hardware via JavaScript

The Wi-Fi module Dev board implements a serial (UART) to WebSocket Proxy, which proxies all the serial data that comes from the module serial port to your web browser. The serial WebSocket proxy is bidirectional.

Wi-Fi module Dev board software features

  • Linux Kernel 3.10
  • Web Network configuration interface
  • Application that proxies Serial data (from the UART) to WebSocket
  • Web Server for serving the WebSocket HTML5 and JS files  (Stored on USB Flash Drive to ease the Development)
  • Configurable UART Baud rates via console (Telnet ) commands

Web Server:

The Wi-Fi module Dev board Web Server  is configured to serve webpages from the USB Flash Drive that comes with the board. In this way the Developer can simply plug in the flash drive into a computer, and easily edit and save the HTML5 / Javascript to the flash drive and then replug it into the Wi-Fi module Dev board.

The Web Server also serves network and system configuration web pages , which allow the Developer /User to change network and system settings.

Wi-Fi module block Diagram:

Block Diagram Wifi Websocket DEV board

Block Diagram Wifi Websocket DEV board

Wi-Fi module Dev board Demo page:



Purchase a Sample / Price $50

The modules are shipped via Registered Airmail for a fixed price of $6 . We ship Worldwide and we provide a tracking number for all our shippments. The modules are proffesionally packed and secured.

RT5350 WIFI Development Board

We have negotiated and agreed to start a custom design of  RT5350 WIFI Development Board for our client from Australia. The Board will include RT5350 SoC, 32MB  SDRAM , USB Port, Ethernet Port/s and all the GPIOs will be terminated on pinheaders. The board will have two option for the antennas – on board chip antenna as well as possibility to connect external antenna. The custom RT5350 WIFI Development Board will be based on a FR4 dual layer (top and bottom)  with line width of 20mils and line gap of 5mils.

If you are looking for  a custom PCB Design / Development service , please Contact us